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Why Use Transcheap?

99% accuracy

Our team of professional carefully chosen transcribers deliver your transcript with the highest level of accuracy.

100% human-generated transcripts

Machine transcripts fail to understand different dialects and complex terms. To ensure better accuracy, we employ 100% human transcribers and quality analyst to perform the transcription work accurately and faster.

Exceptional quality assurance

Transcheap services have a network of experienced transcribers and quality analyst who ensures that the completed files delivered to our clients always meet the quality standards we commit.

Transcheap services provide both English transcription and language transcription service to our clients. English transcription rates are calculated based on the service selected by our clients. At Transcheap, you can choose a native speaker (US/UK) or a non-native speaker having years of experience in this industry to get your files transcribed.
Apart from the choice of transcribers, the transcription rates are dependent on the turn-around time, additional service requirement like verbatim and time codes. Our support team will be available 24*7 to provide a customised quote for your project.
Turnaround Time General Transcription
Students discount:
for 180+ uploaded minutes
3-Day Service
1-Day Service
$1.25/min $1.00/min
6-12 Hour Service

Captioning cost: add $1.00/minute

We are multilingual

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